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03 October 2018

Effectiveness of specific housing programs

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The National Audit Office has published the performance audit report “Effectiveness of specific housing programs”.

The latest performance audit report, published today shows that the Specific Housing Program is underperforming. Most of those who need social housing have not managed to benefit, and very little has been done to improve this situation significantly. Since they have not benefited from this housing program, many citizens will continue to live in buildings that are hazardous or unsuitable for habitation.

The program is not funded sufficiently and available resources are not effectively allocated. Municipalities have difficulties generating sufficient funds to meet all housing requests. Furthermore, available resources are not allocated constantly to citizens who are most in need, and there are cases when certain individuals benefit from this right who are not entitled to.

Performance and practices among municipalities are significantly different, and on the other hand complicated criteria of the state are not applied consistently, thus resulting in frequent irregularities and undesired results.

There are shortcomings in terms of the informing system, monitoring and inspection. The Government and municipalities have not developed a system to identify needs for social housing, and there is no exact data on the number of those who need this program.

Besnik Osmani, The Auditor General of the National Office of Kosovo Audit stated: “The Government has not managed to create sustainable mechanisms that would assist in implementation, coordination and monitoring of Specific Housing Programs, and as a result, the Specific Housing Program is not functioning properly.“

The National Audit Office has given its recommendations, which aim to ensure that responsible authorities, namely the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, reviews and improves current program and the manner of its implementation. Furthermore, to develop relevant and measurable objectives, simplify criteria, determine segregation of responsibility between central and local authorities, and to establish measures ensuring that specific housing programs operate effectively, consistently and efficiently. While municipalities should adopt a manner that identifies citizens with a high priority of need of social housing, and make efforts to find an immediate and affordable solutions for them.


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