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13 November 2017

EUROSAI meeting on “Air Quality” at the European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg



On 8 and 9 November 2017, in Luxembourg, the Kosovo National Audit Office represented by Performance Auditors Drilon Shala and Labinot Sadiku attended the joint European Quality Assurance Audit meeting initiated by EUROSAI and led by the Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) of the Netherlands and Poland. The meeting was held within the premises of the European Court of Auditors and participants were SAIs of Poland, Holland, Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Israel, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland. Participating State in the role of observer was the SAI of the Czech Republic as well.

The main purpose of this meeting was to assess the measures undertaken by participating States to address the issue of air pollution. Focus of discussion was on issues related to the legislative, institutional framework and monitoring, implementation and reporting of air quality status. Issues such as: cost-benefit analysis of environmental policies and particularly of air quality, selection of locations where air quality monitoring stations have been established, as well as the deadlines and structures that each SAI will follow to prepare the audit report which will then be integrated into the joint audit report.

Individual audit reports as well as the “Joint Report” will emphasize the importance of the air pollution problem and will provide decision-makers with a useful source on how to make the system more effective for improving air quality. The recommendations from the joint audit of “Air Quality” will also be addressed to several important institutions such as the European Commission, the European Environment Agency, etc.

Given the importance of air quality for public health, the National Audit Office remains committed to supporting audits of this area in order to increase accountability and transparency regarding government programs in improving the air and environmental quality in Kosovo.