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11 March 2019

National Audit Office increases its portfolio for Information Technology Audit

Auditimet e TI

Information technology has become a vital part of all areas of life, being the centre of the attention for its development. Use of this technology in performing everyday services and processes, including public sector services, has directly affected in facilitation, development and improvement of citizens’ lives. Development of Information Technology brought over the need for IT audit.

Information Technology Audit is one of the most important types of audits conducted by Supreme Audit Institutions around the world. In this regard, NAO is also carrying out audits of IT systems, taking into account general principles of auditing arising from International Standards on Supreme Audit Institutions.

Over the past three years NAO has carried out five Information Technology Audits, including an overall assessment of Information Technology Systems at all institutions, at local and central level, in the Republic of Kosovo. The IT audit reports compiled by NAO, have identified many shortcomings in management of information technology, security of information and poor controls of information systems. From carried audits it has been established that despite investments in these applications, none of them has met the objective which they are funded for.

Further on, NAO Strategic Plan 2018-2021 has given special importance to IT audits, and it’s being worked in building up professional capacities, implementing professional standards, and in exchanging experiences with the Supreme Audit Institutions in region and beyond. According to the 2018-2019 Annual Plan, NAO has planned to carry out two audits in the area of Information Technology.

IT audit examines operation of IT systems to ensure that they meet the needs of the entity without compromising the security of the data, privacy, cost and other critical elements of the audited entity’s activity.

The IT Reports drafted by the National Audit Office can be found on our website