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30 October 2018

Patients are not receiving health services on time


Due to inoperable medical devices has resulted in long waiting times for patients who need treatment. Waiting of non-hospitalised patients for Magnetic Resonance Imaging goes up to a year, while for Computed Tomography, waiting is averagely 30-45 days.

Given the great impact that the functioning and management of medical devices has in healthcare, i.e. lives of citizens, NAO has undertaken a performance audit to follow-up the implementation of recommendations given in the audit report “The responsibility for managing and monitoring the use of Medical Devices, the case of Computed Tomography“ carried out in 2015.

The follow up audit reveals that none of recommendations given in 2015 have been fully addressed. Responsible institutions such as the Ministry of Health, University Clinical Centre of Kosovo, University Clinical Centre and General Hospitals in Peja, Prizren and Mitrovica had not prepared action plans, indicating lack of responsibility to improve the situation on management of medical devices and in delivery of services to citizens.

The Auditor General Mr. Besnik Osmani, regarding this audit has stated: “Provision of timely services and healthcare have great impact on the quality of life and health of citizens. For a functional health system, healthcare technologies are crucial. Medical devices need to be managed and monitored properly, as they play a decisive role in preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases, as well as rehabilitation of patients.”

The value of special medical devices HUCSK is estimated being around €8 million, while maintenance and servicing costs for 2016 – 2017 are around €4 million. Due to lack of timely monitoring and maintenance, there were cases when some devices were out of function for up to six months during the year. Moreover, in some cases Computed Tomography (CT) have functioned outside parameters recommended by the manufacturer, thereby endangering the professionalism of the medical staff.

The National Audit Office has considered that actions so far are not sufficient, therefore, in recommendations given to the Ministry of Health and the Hospital and University Clinical Service of Kosovo, has requested intensification of efforts for complete addressing of recommendations.


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