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17 November 2017

Procedures and controls in the system for management of municipal performance

National Audit Office published performance audit report “Procedures and controls in the system for management of municipal performance”.

Through this audit, we have assessed the way the System For Management Of Municipal Performance (SMMP) in general and with a particular focus on procedures and controls to ascertain whether the system produces accurate data, so we assessed the activities of the Ministry of Administration (Peja, Ferizaj, Obiliq, Graçanica, Junik and Mamusha) regarding the creation of the prerequisites for the proper functioning of the SMMP.

In 2009, the Ministry of Local Government Administration has started implementing the Municipal Performance Management System which has addressed the performance of municipalities in the areas of own competences. The measuring of municipalities’ performance aims to make municipalities, Ministry of Local Government Administration, citizens and all stakeholders understand as to what extent have municipalities managed to provide services at the right time of the right quality, in order to improve the lives of citizens.

we have ascertained that municipalities have difficulties in applying the procedures and controls foreseen by the system. In the audited municipalities the data collection procedure was not adequate and the control by the municipal coordinator was not effective. Findings show that there are problems in the manner of collection, reporting and verification of data. There are also problems with providing access to data from municipal units. As a result, only 51% of the reported data were supported by documents, while 32% of the reported data were not supported by relevant field documents. The rest of the data was not reported correctly or was not reported at all.

We recommend that the Ministry of Local Government Administration should as soon as possible adopt the revised regulation for the current Municipal Performance Management System and develop a procedure for management of system changes that will clearly specify who is responsible for initiation, development, approval and implementation of system changes. This is to avoid shortcomings that may arise from possible future system changes.

While we recommend the Mayors to communicate to all organisational units of the Municipality the obligation that the Municipality has related to the reporting process on the Municipal Performance Management System so that they are prepared to provide the required data. In addition, we recommend to ensure close cooperation between the responsible reporting officials and municipal departments, and to ensure that the municipal coordinator and responsible reporting officials have correctly understood the procedures for collection, reporting and verification of data and the implementation of the same.

Full report can be read in our webpage: