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29 December 2017

Health Information System faces difficulties during implementation

The latest performance audit report, released today, shows that the implementation of the Integrated Health Information System in the country is characterized by difficulties in coordinating activities between the institutions involved in implementation.

The National Audit Office’s report on “Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Implementation of the Integrated Health Information System” also found that the management process for the implementation of this system is characterised by irregularities.

Non-planning and non-coordination of activities at the appropriate level by the Ministry of Health, delays in the establishment of coordinating and inter-institutional monitoring mechanisms, prolonged procedures in procurement procedures for providing hardware and software, system maintenance shortfalls, lack of human capacities, inefficient and inadequate trainings for the use of the system, lags in timely provision of the database, delays in securing the civil registry of citizens and a variety of unfulfilled activities are the main causes for the inefficient and ineffctive functioning and implementation of this system.

The Auditor General Besnik Osmani, on the occasion of the publication of the report, underlined that the implementation of the Health Information System in the country is concerning not only that this system is not functioning properly, but the situation is getting worse. If measures are not taken to improve it, this system can be completely de-functionalized. The use of the Health Information System is crucial to health in the country and as such should provide equal services to all citizens.

The audit process covered the Ministry of Health, Hospital and University Clinic Services of Kosovo, National Institute of Public Health, Agency for Information Society, Civil Registration Agency, Personal Data Protection Agency, Regional Hospitals in Prizren, Peja and Gjakova and the Municipality of Prishtina.

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