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06 December 2018

The action plan helps good governance and the leadership of Municipality of Kamenica for implementation of audit recommendations

Debati ne Kamenice

Today in the Municipal Assembly in Kamenica was held the last debate for this year about the level of implementation of external audit recommendations by Kosovo municipalities, within the series of debates organised by the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN).

The Auditor General of Kosovo Mr. Besnik Osmani, in this debate has emphasised the importance of implementation of audit recommendations in order to improve governance and management of public money. Mr. Osmani, particularly stressed the importance of action plans for implementation of recommendations as a departure point to improve the situation and to prove the commitment for good governance.

On the other hand, the Mayor of Kamenica, Mr. Qëndron Kastrati stated that this year were taken certain actions towards addressing of audit recommendations and this commitment will also continue in the following years.

In this debate have participated municipal advisors of Kamenica, citizens and representatives of civil society from this Municipality. The purpose of the debate was to discuss findings presented in the audit report for this Municipality, as well as an assessment of what is the level of implementation and what are the actions to be undertaken in the future.

BIRN has previously conducted and published an analysis of external audit reports for the last four years for the Municipality of Kamenica, which in the debate was presented by Mr. Visar Prebreza, editor of daily newspaper “Jeta në Kosovë”.