Our cooperation with Stakeholders is one of the strategic objectives of the National Audit Office as a prerequisite for the quality development of our outputs and to increase stakeholder knowledge to understand the role and responsibilities of the NAO as an independent public sector institution.

The Kosovo Assembly, foremost the Committee for the Oversight of Public Finances is our most important partner and the main mechanism for enhancing accountability and strengthening the control and better management of public money.

In our cooperation with central and local level institutions, which we audit and advise, we have an integrated approach that provides an overview of the facts and a perspective focused on improving good governance, system design, process implementation and remedial measures. Clear and concise recommendations in our audit reports are key elements for this.

By applying the principle “Capacity building through promotion of learning and knowledge exchange”, the NAO maintains contacts and developed good relations with SAIs in particular with those of European countries and beyond. This cooperation provides opportunities to share views and experience with other countries in using international public sector audit standards. Cooperation with other SAIs is mainly developed through bilateral co-operation, the Regional SAI Presidency Network, the Contact Committee, INTOSAI and EUROSAI. Although we are an active part of these organizations and groups, the NAO in international activities is represented in the quality of the observer, therefore the primary goal in the field of international co-operation is equal membership into relevant organizations.