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22 May 2023

IMF mission congratulates NAO on increased transparency in fulfilling its mission

Takimi me FMN - kryesore

The senior management of the National Audit Office (NAO) on Monday hosted representatives from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), a mission on carrying out the Public Investment Management Assessment as well as those with a focus on the climate.

Within this meeting, the Deputy Auditor General, Bezad Halilaj, the Assistant Auditors General, Emine Fazliu and Myrvete Gashi Morina, as well as other officials have addressed various issues regarding the audit results in relation to the management of public funds. The NAO management provided the IMF Team, led by the Deputy Head of the Division for Public Finance Management at the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department, Mrs. Michelle Stone, with their information and viewpoints regarding the most important issues, which the delegation was interested on.

On this occasion, representatives have been informed in detail about a host of issues, including performance audits, public procurement, capital projects, as well as projects with an impact on climate.

The Head of the IMF mission congratulated the National Audit Office of Kosovo for the achievements in increasing transparency in its work performance, as well as for the actions taken in terms of auditing the important areas for citizens.

The IMF delegation, in addition to Mrs. Stone, consisted also of the senior economist within the same division, Mrs. Sage de Clerck, Resident Advisor for South-Eastern Europe at IMF, Mrs. Yasemin Hurcan, as well as independent experts Mr. Thomas Ekeli, Mr. Willie Du Preez and Mr. Taz Chaponda.