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24 February 2023

NAO and ALSAI continue sharing experiences regarding the parallel audit in the IT area


Following the activities within the parallel IT audit for information systems of the water supply in Tirana and Prishtina, the next workshop was held on 20 and 21 February in Prishtina.

Audit teams from both institutions have presented the results of the audit execution stage and the content of the individual audit draft reports regarding the parallel audit that is being carried out as well as discussed the next stages of this audit process between ALSAI and NAO.

A working visit was also paid to the Regional Water Company. The activities related to the supply of potable water, including the challenges and difficulties and specific development projects, particularly in the IT area were presented in this meeting. Digitalization of processes, information security and controls were the main topics of discussion. In addition, the auditors of both countries visited the Water Treatment Plant in Shkabaj in order to see in person its operation, systems and technological process of the water treatment.

The workshop was concluded with the agreement on the future activities plan until the conclusion of the parallel audit for the information systems of the water supply systems in both countries.