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21 September 2023

NAO auditors on the “Equal Futures Audit (EFA)” program of the INTOSAI Development Initiative


The auditors of the National Audit Office (NAO), Arta Kryeziu and Krenare Pirana, have been accepted into the pilot program “Equal Futures Audit (EFA)” of the INTOSAI Development Initiative. This program aims at transforming and developing a group of auditors from Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) to change agents, who will develop an EFA strategy and lead an EFA audit in their respective institutions.

The program in question includes 25 auditors, namely two from each Supreme Audit Institution from around the world, with the aim of expanding knowledge through the sharing of methodology, auditing tools, as well as the exchange of experiences and ideas on important topics such as poverty, gender inclusion, ethnicity, migration, age and disabilities and where the EFA pilot audit conducted by change can focus.

The IDI will provide professional education to the changemakers and support them in developing the EFA strategy and conducting an EFA audit in the high priority area decided by the institution. Collaboration with stakeholders inside and outside INTOSAI is also planned to raise awareness on the role of auditing in inclusion and equal futures.

EFA changemakers will identify and conduct a performance or compliance audit for equality and inclusion in a high priority area of ​​marginalization in their national context.

Candidates who successfully complete the program and the strategy and audit assignments will be awarded the “IDI EFA Changemaker” diploma and will become part of an alumni network. In addition, the graduates of the first group of EFA changemakers will be founding members of the network.

SAI leaders and stakeholders will be requested to act as EFA ambassadors to advocate the cause of auditing for equal futures in the SAI community and highlight their role and contribution through audits for equality.