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10 February 2023

NAO started the audit of investments worth over 7 million euros for the renovation and reconfiguration of the stadiums in Mitrovica, Gjilan and Gjakova


The National Audit Office (NAO) started the audit “Renovation and redevelopment of stadiums in the cities of Mitrovica, Gjilan and Gjakova”, for the period 2017-2021, projects funded by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. The audit will include planning, managing, monitoring and reporting regarding the investments in these stadiums, the cost of which was around 7.12 million euros.

The purpose of the audit is to assess whether the responsible institutions have been efficient in managing projects for the renovation and reconfiguration of stadiums; the procurement process of these projects, understand if the set goals have been achieved and whether the stadiums are completed within the deadline and according to the required standards.

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, as one of the main sponsors and main contracting authority of sports infrastructure projects – football stadiums, was subject to the audit for the renovation and reconfiguration of these stadiums, as well as the municipalities of Mitrovica, Gjilan and Gjakova where the renovations and reconfigurations of the stadiums have been done.

The National Audit Office, through this audit, aims to provide recommendations on improving the stadium construction contracting processes and their better management.

The Government of Kosovo, namely the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS) has undertaken actions to renovate sports facilities in most of the regions in Kosovo over the years.