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18 January 2022

National Audit Office starts implementing the on-the-job training plan for January

Lajmi per planin e trjanimeve

During January, the National Audit Office of Kosovo will implement the on-the-job training plan aimed at further professional development and upgraded knowledge of staff.

Continuous development of professional capacities is a priority of the National Audit Office and the staff needs and requests are addressed according to the annual training and professional development plan.

Training on writing of reader friendly reports is currently underway. This training is organised under the bilateral cooperation project “Cooperation for Institutional Development with the National Audit Office of Kosovo 2020-2023” with the National Audit Office of Sweden.  The training is provided by experts and colleagues from the Swedish National Audit Office.

As part of the training plan for January, there will also be an on-the-job training on “Working in SITA system, the main technical problems, how to use the manuals and instructions which are placed in SITA (fast and efficient learning techniques).

Other trainings to be held during this month are the “Asset Audit Approach” and the “Use of substantive analytical procedures”.

Another training to be held by the end of January relates to the Law no.03/L-178 on information classification and the Law on bylaws of the NAO.

According to the International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions, audit institutions should promote continuous professional development to the benefit of the auditors, the team and the excellence of the organisation. In accordance with these requirements, NAO is committed to ensuring that its staff owns the professional skills and has the support of colleagues and management to perform the job properly.