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28 April 2023

The Auditor General hosted the representative from the Office of the Auditor General of Norway

Takimi me perfaqesuesin norvegjez 1

In order to extend the cooperation with the national audit offices in the region and beyond, the Auditor General, Vlora Spanca, and the Deputy Auditor General, Bezad Halilaj, hosted the Senior Advisor of the Office of the Auditor General of Norway, Trygve Christiansen.

The Head of the institution introduced them with the background of the Kosovo National Audit Office, the mandate, the structure and how it operates, emphasizing also the cooperation at the regional and international level. In this context, Mr. Christiansen addressed the bilateral cooperation his office has with audit institutions in the Balkan region, with special emphasis with Albania and North Macedonia. Further on, he said that collaborations are mainly focused on IT audits and environmental audits. He extensively touched upon the importance of these two pillars, the three-module course in the Balkans, and the so-called “Small Innovation Lab” which aims to increase the level of the audit management system by addressing data and analytical inputs.

Ms. Spanca commended such initiatives that promote creativity, a goal shared by our office as well. Further on, she said that the Audit Office always gives due consideration to the importance environmental audits have, given that we are now waiting for the IPA 3 application to be approved, where one of the set objectives is the area covering the environmental audits.

In the end, Mr. Christiansen informed that the Office of the Auditor General of Norway is open to establishing and maintaining business relations with the NAO. The NAO representatives also welcome the opportunity for cooperation in the future.