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24 March 2023

Workshop on the development of soft skills and their impact on work results

Trajnimi per stafin mbeshtetes 1

The workshop on the development of soft skills, leadership and time management at work for the administrative staff of the National Audit Office (NAO) was held on March 20-22, 2023.

The workshop activities were intended for the participants to gain knowledge on emotional intelligence, communication and time management.

NAO employees have learned how emotional intelligence may help them in their work relationships, as well as reflect on their professional strengths.

In terms of time management, the participants have learned how to be more focused and efficient during work.

This knowledge will serve in achieving a more professional work culture in NAO and will give the participants a broader sense of how they can have a positive impact on the NAO culture.

The workshop was interactive with various activities aimed at teamwork and achieving sustainable results, focusing on planning, management and implementation.

This workshop was held within the cooperation project for institutional development between the Swedish National Audit Office and the National Audit Office of Kosovo and was led by experts Tinna Bondestam and Hazim Sabanovic.