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Myrvete Gashi Morina

Myrvete Gashi Morina has been appointed as the Assistant Auditor General in the National Audit Office on a five year mandate since October 2022. As of August 2021 she has performed as Acting Assistant Audit General.

  • Graduated in 2004 from the University of Prishtina – Faculty of Economy;
  • Since 2012, she holds a Master’s degree in International Finance and Accounting;
  • She is a certified Public Sector Auditor;
  • Member of the Society of Certified Accountants and Auditors of Kosovo (SCAAK) and the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA);
  • Certified real estate appraiser;
  • Certified Quality Systems Manager – Quality Austria.

She has attended numerous professional trainings in accounting, financial audit, performance, information technology, procurement, budget control, business administration, leadership and management. She has also participated in many local and international conferences and workshops.

While conducting her studies in 2000, she was engaged as an external collaborator at the Institute for Research and Development “Riinvest” and at “KBS-USAID”. After completing her studies, she worked for 11 years in the private sector as a financial analyst as well as finance and accounting consultant.

Since 2007 she began working in the public sector at the Publicly Owned Enterprise “Hekurudhat e Kosovës” as Head of Accounting.

In 2010 she was hired in NAO as financial auditor. From 2011 she took the position of Director of Audit department. She was on the lead of financial, performance, information technology audits as well as follow-up audits on implementation of recommendations. She has also managed other audits of donor projects and joint performance audits with region and EU countries.

Mrs. Gashi-Morina was born in Prishtina, in 1980. In addition to her native language, she speaks English and Serbian. Mrs. Gashi-Morina is married and has two children.