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Safet F.Berisha

Safet F. Berisha

Safet F. Berisha was appointed as Acting General Director on August 2022.

He has an extensive professional experience of over 28 years. He started his career at the National Audit Office in 2011 in the position of Performance Auditor. In 2013 he was appointed Performance Audit Team Leader.

In March 2017 he was appointed as Acting Head of the Audit Legal Department. In 2019 he was elected Director of the Department for Anti-Fraud and Legal Affairs. Work experience and academic education have had an important role in his understanding of the audit role in society, especially in combating fraud and strengthening the principles of the rule of law. He contributed and advised on the application process of the National Audit Office for INTOSAI and EUROSAI membership.

Berisha completed Bachelor studies at the Faculty of Law, University of Prishtina. In 2009 he completed his postgraduate studies and holds the title MA of Financial and Law Sciences. He also completed the Jurisprudence Exam.

In addition to mother tongue, he is fluent in Croatian, Serbian and English language.